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21 July 2005


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Bless you, my child. Enjoy your Koolaid. And just remember, once he's appointed, he's free of Bush. And you, too, of course, but that's beside the point. (eg)


I understand your perspective on this, Christie, and I don't trust Bush, either. But when David Boies has good things to say about Roberts ... well ... you just have to give the man the benefit of the doubt.


I, too, couldn't help thinking that the entire announcement has some sinister plot behind it, especially when I read that Ann Coulter is critical of this choice. Though I do think Republicans tend to eat their own on a regular basis, I figured any right-wing criticism for this announcement was planned in advance to make Roberts look more palatable to liberals. I figure with Bush in the White House for 3 1/2 more years, there's no way to avoid his appointees on the Supreme Court unless he is miraculously impeached for lying about the war... thus I am opting for hope about this guy.


This is interesting too... not just Boies but LAWRENCE TRIBE is optimistic:

Roberts Another Souter?

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