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27 July 2005


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Oh, christie,

I'm so sorry, hon.

My heart goes out to you.




I'm so sorry....

I'm here if you need to call anyone


Oh Christie, my heart goes out to you on losing two such wonderful souls and friends so cloesly together. I do hope that Mark is reunited with his beloved Daphne and will watch over her and Samson in Heaven.

My thoughts are with you, hugs and purrs from the Kitty Klan here.



I am so very sorry Christie... my heart just aches for you right now.


.....oh geez, what a horrendous summer this has been for you. :-( I was dogless once for 2 years and got a lot closer to my cats. My oldster sustained me during that dry dog period. Just the cat you need will be heading up your driveway soon.........they always seem to find us when they're needed.

Daphne must have been staying just for Samson........like those old couples who pass away within days of each other.

My sincere condolences Christie
.........now go get your self an hour's massage......body work helps a lot.

Cathy, Leo the reddog angel, 6 kitties, 3 dogs


Awww...I'm terribly sorry for your loss.

We rescued a dog a few years ago from a shelter in California. She's like one of my children. I can't imagine how difficult it will be when she passes.

You must be devastated.



I found your blog via dogma and love to read views from both of you that so closely match mine. You did such a loving and generous thing, taking in Daphne for your friend and taking in Samson because he needed you. Sending you comforting good thoughts from humans, dogs and cats in Ohio...


My post went to the wrong thread, and I want to be sure it's here with Daphne's story. Christie, I am so sorry to hear that you've experienced so much grief and loss with Samson and Daphne's passing. They were so close. I think it must be true. Daphne stayed for Samson and when he let go she let go. Mark would be proud of everything you did for both Samson and Daphne. My condolences in this very difficult time.

ol cranky


I'm so sorry for your loss (compounded by 2). I live in fear of the day I actually lose mangy-cat (and rely heavily on the belief he lives just to spite the dog) and know you must be so out of sorts in a kitty-less home. Whatever there is in the proverbial "after", the positive energy of the love you provided them (and all creatures with whom you come in contact) stays on forever.

Paula J.

Oh, Christie, I'm so very sorry. I know these two fur babies are healthy and happy and young again -- and Mark is taking care of them both.

Take care of yourself,




I also found your blog from Dogma, and I just wanted to add my condolences. I am so sorry for your losses so close together. But think of the bond they had and still have, and remember you are the one who gave them that gift.



Im so sorry for you, my 2 1/2 year old cat died yesterday from eating a daphne, im so mad at my self i cant stand it

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