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02 June 2005


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CE Petro

Christie, I'm so sorry. This is so hard, particularly with a favorite, and yes, I have my favorites with the fids.

I know you will treasure your remaining days together.


Christie, what sad news. Be strong for your beautiful girl, and don't ever lose hope. A very dear friend of mine has a 10 year old rottie who has been battling osteo for over a year now, and has gone through chemo and an amputation. She has since come to acquire a sled, a wagon, a sling, a doggie wheelchair, and even a John Deere Gator so that she can continue her twice daily walks around their expansive property. She is starting to slow down, but she is happy. There's no mistaking the gleam in her eyes. Remember, there is hope.

One more tidbit. My heart dog (yes, my favourite, there's no shame in that) has suffered from epilepsy for four years now. My dearest friend from our small epi-list has a mantra that goes "pups first, epis second". I think that goes for all patients... pups first, patients second. It's so easy to focus all your attention on the disease... spend the time that you have simply enjoying her dog-ness. I know that she is in the best hands possible.

Positive thoughts,



Oh Christie, I was so sorry to read about Raven on Deerhound-L! You can see what a character she is in the pictures you have posted. Over the years I have met some amazing deerhounds & greyhounds with three legs as a result of osteo. I don't know what I would do in similar circumstances. Whatever you decide is the best way of fighting, I know that decision will be made with love.


Christie, I'm so, so sorry to hear this. Hope you and Raven are okay.

For what it's worth, each of my dogs has had their song, too. Hey, some people sing to their plants, we can certainly sing lullabies to our best friends!


Oh, what sad news. I hope and pray that surgery will give her a fresh start.


......even after emailing, you and Raven are still on my mind. For some reason I reached out to Vicki Hearne for comfort and started reading bits of Adam's Task again. I'll leave you with a few of her words:
"Everything in the universe is, as I have said, Other, but animals are the only non-human Others who answer us without our having to travel to India and find the right guru."

........in the words of Dorothy Dreaming Bear - May we all go shining.

Cathy, Leo the reddog angel, 6 kitties, 3 dogs


Hello, I followed a link to your log from from "dogma". Just wanted to let you go my German Shepherd mix, Miss Molly, also had a leg amputation due to osteosarcoma. You would have never known she was a tripod the way she ran around with my other dogs.
The doctors gave her 6 months at most, after the amputation. She ended up living 2 year, until she developed a different type of cancer in a front leg.
You won't regret your decision to amputate. If you have any questions, or need to talk please don't hesitate to email me.
My thoughts are with you and your precious Raven.

Patty Fair

I am so confused. Our dearly beloved Irish Wolfhound, Murphy, has been suddenly diagnoses with this cancer. I have always love IWH but would never consider having one because of their short life spans. But Murphy needed a home and we took him in. What a delight.
He is 6 years old, we thought he had stepped on something, or sprained something and find out he has a very aggresive cancer. Everything I read says the amputation will relieve the pain
but for 4-8 months. It is a huge financial commitment for 4 months. Any comments? We love him dearly but, I don't know. What if we donated 3k to something that would help the breed? Or homeless dogs? Or whatever?
I don't know what to do.

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