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16 June 2005


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I'm a Dogma reader and am relieved to hear Raven bounced back so nicely. I must say, people who work at emergency veterinary clinics are special. When our black lab was sick with lymphoma over Thanksgiving 2003, the vet and techs at our emergency clinic in central Ohio were similarly kind, letting us lie on the floor with Cookie in an empty room for hours at a time. She was too sick to survive the chemo, and you're right, it's not cheap, but we felt lucky to have her surrounded by such caring people at such a difficult time. So happy to hear Raven is on the mend, and that you are, too!


I'm glad you're both home, and healing. :) Thanks for sharing the story with us.



I'm glad to hear she's made it through all of this and you too. You must be exhausted. Thank you for taking the time to share. It's good to know that there are people, hosptials, and even hotels that are so caring. Welcome home and good luck through the next stages.

Gimpy Mumpy

Glad to hear Raven did so well. Although you had a terrible ordeal, you were very fortunate to find such caring and accomodating hospital and hotel staff.
Best of luck with Raven's continued recovery.

ol cranky

I'm so glad to hear Raven seems to be doing well (and that all the folks with whom you interacted - especially the hotel - were understanding & supportive). Best wishes for Raven's continued recovery.

Jean Shirkoff

I'm so glad to hear about Raven and am sorry you had such a horrible ordeal! I am Sengha's mom and talked to you before this surgery. I am very pleased to hear she is getting around okay. MaryAnn Rose was here in Oregon for the specialty and she took a picture of Sengha to show you. I understand how awful that all must have been because my Ibizan hound went in for suregery (minor) and he got pneumonia and sepsis and we lost him May 26th. It was awful and terrbily sad but a similar story to yours in terms of the experience at the Veterinary clinic. I wish you all the best. Hang in there. It all gets better from here.


Glad to hear she's better. Now take care of yourself!


So wonderful to hear that Raven is on the mend! And great to hear that *you* made it through ok, too. Our prescription is lots of rest, a few celebratory daquiris, and a few days of just enjoying the sun, the air, and the dogs. Positive energy coming your way.

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