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23 June 2005


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ol cranky

Every single vaccine carries some small risk (I would love to see a pro-vaccine advocate dispute this with multiple studies)

studies in which no adverse events have been reported (or none of those reported was reported as related to a vaccine or a medication or anything) do not support the notion that a vaccine is risk-free, they just support the theory that they are low risk such that they were not detected due to the sample size. Mind you, the data that substantiates a vaccine's efficacy is not (and should not) be based on public health/outbreak rates alone but by actual data that the vaccine does, indeed, provide the appropriate response to confer resistance. The herd effect will cease working when you pass a certain threshold dependent on the population size and exposure risk, as well as the risks associated with that you're trying to be protected from. Were I a parent, would I take the risk by vaccinating my child for polio? Yes, I would - as I would innoculate for DPT & MMR; I wouldn't, however, vaccinate against chicken pox unless my child had reached the age that the risks of the disease increase substantially and my child still hadn't been exposed adequately to provide protection. But that's just my opinion.

How's the pooch?

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