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27 June 2005


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Interesting post. I haven't read the original yet, but I will.

I saw the Holocaust Exhibit at the Imperial War Museum the other day, and one thing that they really emphasized is how this horrible thing didn't happen all at once, and was not committed by just a small group of people.

There was a room where the walls were covered with the beaurocratic chain that supported the killing. The gas in the trucks had to be manufactured, the gold fillings were disposed of, and so on and so on. Everybody knew what was going on.

One thing...there is a distinction between Nazisim and Fascism. I've never had a problem saying Bush and Co are like fascists...they are. But they still haven't come close to the type of fascism the Nazis practiced. Nor did the Spanish fascists, or any other pseudofascist government. Hitler and Co. were far far removed from that.

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