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08 May 2005


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You've seen the news stories about the proposed pitbull ban in New South Wales,Australia, I suppose.

Pitbulls do require an owner who knows what's what. That said, I would love to see a ban on assholes. Some areas of the country would empty out fast.

ol cranky

People don't understand a lot of things about dogs, in particular the difference between aggression and viciousness.

The problem with the "dangerous breeds" is that the way too many dog owners are irresponsible and don't train the dog how to live in the human world where the rules are different and bodies more tender. Young dogs don't fail obedience training & socialization, their owners do. Any breed has the potential to be dangerous, it's not limited to certain breeds and bad owners aren't limited to those who search out a breed to exploit their strength and create a dangerous dog. Dogs from breeds with the most docile reputations can and do attack; dogs from breeds with the nastiest of reputations can be quite well trained and safe, and even a dog you know with the best breeding and behavior can get overly aggressive/react violently out of character or due to provocation.


I'm up for the ban on idiots, Christie. Gosh, you do love an underdog, though.


Where is the dotted line??


I loved it of course. Just one thing I can't believe: you left sweet Maizey, that beautiful, charming, dog-friendly, people-friendly Bull Terrier out; not a mention of the breed most often confused.

Judith Brecca and I used to stand side by side at Ft. Fun, as people passed, pointing at my Bull Terriers, saying "oh look out, there are pit bulls." She'd point at hers and say, "no, folks; *those* are the pit bulls."

And, if it was a good day, we could have a discussion, and the people could pet all the nice doggies.

Owning a bull breed is instructive into people think. Example: Innocent bystander says "is that a pit bull", and when I respond in the negative, they reach down and lovingly pat whoever it is.

Wanna help me with Bully rescue, Christie? It's a challenge!



Would that we could actually have a ban on assholes....

I'm a dog person. A few years ago I rescued a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel mix from a shelter in Northern California. She has clearly been horribly abused. She's afraid of her own shadow and practically has a fit when anyone new comes to the house.

She also has canine epilepsy..perhaps brought on by being hit about the head when she was young. It's been difficult for my kids to see the seizures...but they're middle schoolers so I haven't shielded them. She had a bad seizure on Sunday (she is on phenobarbitol..they're upping the dosage) and it was excruciating for us all.

I know this isn't about Pitbulls...but it's just what is on my mind.

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