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23 May 2005


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ol cranky

The analogy that gay marriage hurts or undermines "traditional" marriage (or even marriage that doesn't include a man anally raping his wife) makes about as much sense as my saying my neighbor can't have a clambake or eat peanuts in his backyard because I am deathly allergic. Come to think of it, the gay marriage analogy makes less sense, because if I have to go to my neighbors back yard for something & come in contact with the offending allergen I could be injured. If the sanctity of Rick & Karen Santorum's marriage is so easily threatened/undermined by gay marriage - they need to get their asses into marriage counseling.


The fact is that judges like the one who ruled against Joe are, if anything, increasing in number. I'm convinced that same-sex partners deserve the legal protection they're not getting.

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