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05 May 2005


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Not long ago there was an article (New Yorker, maybe?) about the lengths people go to in order to smuggle *real* cheese into the country.

I agree with you that this is not a case of protecting people, but rather protecting corporate interests.

Free the cheese!

CE Petro

Christie, I'm right there with you...if only I could get real raw milk again.
Have you read _The Food Revolution_ by John Robbins (heir to Baskin Robbins)? Interesting stuff, along with the studies to show how processing, pesticides, etc. are doing more harm to our bodies, while making gobs of profit for the biotech companies, than natural organically grown foods.
With Bush & Co's loosening of the term "organic" on food labels, millions of people won't have a clue to what they are really eating.

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