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03 May 2005


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ol cranky

the only thing that is substracted in a real calculation of net carbs is the fiber (but, of course folks don't want to know that). I wonder how many people actually gain weight or do significant damage to their kidneys on the meat and fat diet.


I'm not the best adherant to the Atkins diet, goodness knows, but what I do know is that I eat more vegetables on a daily basis than I ever did before going on Atkins, and I eat far less of the crap that I used to eat, i.e., sugary foods, desserts, etc. So, when somebody tells me that they can't go on a food play in which they can't eat vegetables, I get really, really confused. ;)

Great post!



Amen. Good post. :) I'm a huge believer in Atkins and have lost 60 pounds. I want to lose a little more and am currently stalled, but at least I'm stalled at a healthy weight. :)


You know, thank you for such a great post! I've often wanted to tell people "PLEASE READ THE FREAKING BOOK" They come up with all this stuff that is totally not true. If they ever bothered to read it they would understand what a wonderful plan it is. Like another commenter, I eat more vegetables now than I ever did before.

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