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08 April 2005


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You were a knockout at 16.

I think you are a knockout at 46, too. :)

Love ya,


I was prepared to hate that piece, too, but I think she did a good job with it. Now, I just have to hate all those parents, teachers, coaches and various experts (doctors, nutritionists, etc.) who believe shame and persecution can make a fat kid get thin.

Travis is dead-on right. You were beautiful then, and you're beautiful now. And all the years in between, too!


Awwww you guys! I've gotta post about my bad self-image more often, who knew it would generate so many compliments?


I've shopped Torrid for 2 years (I'm almost 43 and a gothy kinda gal) I've always loved Hot Topic but could only buy jewelry and other non-clothing items. If they had shops like Torrid when I was a teen I wouldn't be struggling to learn to love myself like I am now. Cruel words, humiliation and degradation from family, peers and authority figures did not garner the results they thought.
Low self-esteem, self-hatred and shame are terribly counterproductive and i suspect it is a long road ahead undoing the damage.

Oh and Christie...what a hottie. ;-)


Christie is/was a beauty. And every time I see you, you are wearing interesting clothes. They look great.
I look at pictures from my childhood and remember the criticisms of my body - and wonder, I mean I know I didn't make it up, but what I see is a normal looking young girl.


Umm. WOW ;)

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