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30 April 2005


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What the hell is a meme? No, don't tell me, another dumb word like blog. Let's hope this one dies a sudden, painful death. Ugh.

Btw, I'm sure I didn't answer all the questions in just the way you did, but I turned out to be 8% Republican, too. Odd, considering I think both parties suck.



Ah, Gil! Meme is a real word, in the dictionary and everything. It is a pre-Internet word, dating back to 1976.

Google define:meme

I am amazed we are both 8 percent Republican! My mom was 6 percent. So, you're a liberal with a pure heart, who knew? ;)


I was 0%.


I was only 1%. I was surprised, since some of the answers were more radical than the ones I chose. I really REALLY wanted to click "The media "ARE", you ignorant buffoon"!


I'm 8% also. Do you think it is because we both didn't answer the stupid Hitler question?


I played around with the effect of various answers and got some weird changes that didn't quite make sense to me. Plus, in addition to the Hitler question being crap (repeating myself), there were no acceptable answers to the Reagan question, although I picked "Senile puppet." In reality, I don't believe that, nor do I believe any of the other ones.

My mom picked "unwitting tool" without focusing on the "of the One World Government conspiracy," which she didn't know was a RIGHT WING conspiracy theory. Which gave her a score of 22 percent Republican, even though she answered either the same as me, or more liberally, on every other question. When I changed it to "senile puppet," she dropped to 6 percent. So that one question carried quite a load!

Someone somewhere on one of the blogs was negative 12 percent, no clue how to make that happen.


Hmmm, just by changing one answer I got my score down to -20%! Which comes with the text: "The Marxists are too reactionary for you. With people like you around, America collectively thanks God for John Ashcroft."

On the environmental question I had selected, "Bring corporate privilege and corruption under control; hold people accountable for harm they do to the environment."

By switching it to "Ban industry. Starve and freeze in the dark," which I do NOT support, I got that extra little oomph toward non-Republicanism.

Of course, the left DOES meet the right out on the lunatic fringe.


Don't worry Gil. I thought the same thing about Meme. LOL

Okay, I got -3%. Should I be worried?


Hey, I was -2% Republican. And I thought I was a moderate!!


I'm going out on a limb here, but I don't think this test is scientifically very precise. ;)


I was 42%, which is slightly scary. LOL.


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