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30 April 2005


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This was even in the news here. Sometimes I just want to hide. What's also sad is that she's a ward of the state and lives in a SHELTER!

ol cranky

They'll make her have the baby and then take it from her - she mentioned that in court. She's been dragged to clinics for counseling about the alternatives and risks to abortion 3 times. She asked the judge why she wasn't allowed to make her own decision and he replied "I don't know."

Florida's parental notification laws have an injunction because they are unconstitutional; Florida State Law allows a minor who is pregnant to make her own decision regarding the disposition of her pregnancy - this must be why Judge Alvarez "doesn't know" why he won't allow her to make her own decision. ..it must be against his conscience (and that of Lucy Haddi of DCF) to inform her she is allowed to make that decision and it has to be honored.

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