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27 April 2005


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Hi Christie,
Some great rants. One of the few reasons I sometimes wish I had cable is Jon Stewart.
Have you found Rosie O'Donnell's blog? www.rosie.com She has some great entries. I never saw her show but am really touched by many of her posts.


Hi, Cate, thanks!

Yeah, I've gone over to rosie.com a few times, but I can't get past the poetry format. It may be the editor in me, but I keep thinking... "Why doesn't she just put this in sentences with conventional spelling, punctuation, and grammar?"

However, you are the third person who has suggested I should read her blog, so maybe I need to get over that.

jeff  valcarcel

Hi folks! I linked to this from crooks and liars. I too love Jon Stewart have made him my hero, knocking Arianna Huffington out of the #1 spot. For more on Stewart you should check out www.onegoodmove.org(video and commentary) and www.newshounds.us (commentary only).
I was just saying to my wife that she had too see this clip(I monitor the daily show web sites constantly for new clips because I can't watch it when its on). His empathy and anger we're genuine. I told her it was the first time
I saw anyone on the news or fake news do anything real and sincere in a long time. Kudos to your blog and keep up the good fight.


If anyone has time, please let me know what indication there is that the linked to study is the one mentioned by the Daily Show. Also, if anyone has a "debunking" of this I would like to see it.


You're right: That was genuine outrage on Stewart's part, not only on behalf of equal rights but also against media idiocy. The entire "Gaywatch" segment was spectacular, but it was the Microsoft bit that made us do something: We went out and bought a Macintosh, and sent the receipt to Bill Gates with a note.

My brother and I had been planning to buy our mother a computer for Mother's Day, to replace her old, blue-screen-of-death MS OS model. We were leaning Mac because of ease of use, but Microsoft's cowardice in the face of the right-wing "Christians" tipped our decision.

As to the "Christian" right: You hate-mongers are losing. When a totally het, seriously "guy" guy like my brother -- a high school football coach, no less! -- is disgusted by your bigotry, it's game over. You just don't know it yet.

"The arc of history is long," said the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., "but it bends toward justice."


St Michael the Pusher

Linked over from crooksandliars.com
Here's another link for the fans, especially the ones without cable.



This story made the Wall Street Journal this morning! I wrote about it on my blog as well.....

david r. mark

For a transcript of the Daily Show segment, with commentary on the "study" and why Cameron is discredited, go to Journalists Against Bush's B.S., at http://jabbs.blogspot.com


We get to see Jon Stewart's international version here. Hopefully he'll show that clip. Otherwise there's C&L, which has been a real boon to me. I should go contribute. It's cheaper than cable. (Which we can't get here anyway. It's Sky or else you can get Sky.)

Thanks for linking to that clip, btw.

Eva Young

Nice blog. And good for the WSJ for pointing out the obvious - that CNN anchors dropped the ball big time on this one - this is the sort of thing that requires a followup - and it's not up to the other guest - but to the anchor - to say - where did you get this? Was the study published in a peer reviewed journal?


I love your comments about Jon Stewart!

I'd love to see him, Bob Paris and Margaret Cho locked in a room with George Bush for a few hours. And the whole thing videotaped so we could watch Bush try to answer the questions about his malevolent presidency which they would fire at him. I wonder if he would be capable of opening his heart up long enough to learn something from them? I'd love to hear him try to tell a wonderful, moral man like Bob Paris that he is undermining America's morals TO HIS FACE. Bush lives in a bubble and never has his moronic misperceptions challenged.

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