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15 March 2005


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"I become shrill and absolutist and defensive and angry and outraged."

ME TOO!!! This is why I try not to talk about religion and politics with people who don't agree with me. LOL.

I was going to say that people who are not relegated to second class citizens are never going to fully appreciate what it is to be relegated to that particular level of purgatory. I think on some level that is true, but on another level I think it's possible for all people to empathize with feeling "second class", because probably in some area of their lives most everybody feels that way, unless you've got "Prince" before your name or "Kennedy" after it.

The statement that always sort of gets my goat is people who are married that say to me, "it's just a paper. You don't need the state to tell you you're committed to your partner. What's the big hoopla?" And then I get to list all the things that they are granted automatically with that state-sanctioned "paper" up to and including the legal "right" to make love to their spouse. In some places in this country, making love in the privacy of my bedroom with my male partner is illegal.

Of course, it's sometimes difficult to do this gently and calmly. :)

Keep up the good fight, and keep talking, my sister. People will hear you, and they'll eventually come around.



Don't forget: For decades African Americans who pushed for an end to Jim Crow had to deal with those in their own communities who begged them "not to cause trouble."

It's never the wrong time to do the right thing, is my opinion.

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