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27 February 2005


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Yikes, Christie, you're the LAST person I'd expect a sports-related quote from! :)


Two things often surprise people about me - even people who know me very well. One is that I can quote the Bible until the cows come home, and the other is that I am a huge, huge fan of baseball.

Some people have been known to be surprised that I am kind to small children, too.


Actually, I KNOW you can quote the Bible better than most fundamental christian preachers. ;)

Wasn't quite aware of the baseball thing, of course, but then again, I tend to ignore that sport ... mostly because the uniforms aren't tight enough, I suppose. LOL.

And you are kind to all small things. Animal, people alike ... the bigger people though. hehehe

Love ya,


I just checked out the PetHobbyest chat site...and darn! I wish I could participate, especially in the animal communication one. But that will be 3 a.m. here.

I'm buying the book instead. Have you read Stanley Coren's book on talking to dogs? I'm ordering it too.

(Hey, I've been thinking of learning a new language!)

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