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21 February 2005


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Hi Christie,
Now you know I read your rants - or, should I say, well thought out, intelligent posts that I usually agree with. We have a new community run, LPFM radio station here in Richmond, Virginia. Their motto is *Radio for the rest of us.* When asked if they will present conservative viewpoints they answer that they will if those viewpoints are not represented in our local market. Of course, that means they will do it when hell freezes over but how can you argue with that reply? I love it. You probably have access to most of their daytime programming but after 5 pm they have an incredible music lineup - all volunteer DJs. You can find it at www.wrir.org


Many of the views held on the right -- the "Christian right," that is -- must have a controlled environment to thrive. In this, these views are like mold, grown in communities that are like petri dishes, with sterile environments to start with (minds with no critical-thinking skills) and perfect climate control for growth (the closed world of right-wing churches, home-schooling, "left behind" books, "Promise-Keeper" conferences, etc.).

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