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06 February 2005


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I have never had a TV and only get to view one about 1-2 times a year when we stay in a hotel or during visits with family over Christmas, so I don't know if everyone already knows about this (if so, please forgive me) but...

I am a total This American Life addict. Well, This American Life had a show once that featured a guy who..."After 25 years in the same zip code, as an executive in the same company, he moved to LA and tried to start over in a new life with a new venture: a cable channel, with no people, no talking, no plots, but lots and lots of puppies. It's now on the web:"

This aired on 3/7/03, the episode is called "Starting from Scratch" and it's really interesting and funny. You can listen to it here:

Your blog reminded me of this show and I wondered if this same guy was involved with the Puppy Bowl. If not, he should have been - it was (essentially) his idea in the first place.


I'm not sure, Kasie, but I have heard a couple of other people make that comment. Also, supposedly there was something like this on a South Park episode.

There is nothing new under the sun!

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