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20 February 2005


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You already know I agree with you -- in fact, my "Christie Keith Keepers folder" is bigger than any other folder in my archives -- but I will add for the sake of those reading here who don't know me....my 4yo female Golden Retreiver has been raw fed since I brought her home at 7wo (minimal Bleukanuba puppy food for a couple of days before that) and not vaccinated at all except for the first two rabies vax required by law.

This is the most healthy dog I've ever seen. Thick, glossy coat, incredible energy, no lumps and bumps, no runny noses, walked off-leash much more than on-leash until we moved to south Florida for the winter this year where we didn't have an off-leash park. Heartworm negative every year....of course, the "acid" test will be this year as she will have spent the whole winter in south Florida without HW preventatives. She'll be tested in August at her annual checkup. No fleas, either, even though we don't use flea sprays or drops. Ticks now and then, but I've decided there's not much to be done about them except pick them off and delight in killing them before flushing them. (Haven't seen any since we moved to Florida, though.)

Her diet this winter is mostly wild Florida boar as I have a friend who is a hunter and she is benefitting from his kills. My freezer is full of wild pig and Cedar is loving it!

To all natural and holistic,
Sharyn & Cedar the Golden nudge
St. Cassie (at the Bridge, 1988-2000)


Well, that site was certainly good for a chuckle. My results proclaimed that my six year old hypothyroid/epileptic/anemic/dysplastic dog was only 23! LOLOLOLOLOLOL. Truth be told, for a dog in his condition he's in great shape, but for a breed who generally lives about 10-12 years, he's past middle aged for sure. He's got the heart of a pup, but the body of an old man. He's ALIVE because of the natural rearing he has received in the past four years, but he's no spring chicken!

Humorous things included, but were NOT limited to:

I received a positive AND negative for my dog's behaviour. Apparantly he is simultaneously well behaved and badly behaved, due to his 90% response to over 60 commands, but his anxiety based chewing when left unattended. How is his chewing life-shortening... he is crated when we are not home, to avoid exactly this problem. Anyways, on to number two:

Another positive was that he wasn't suffering from infection. However, a negative was that he was suffering from Canine Diseases. ???? What?

Also, he's on lead, which is good, but he may be malnourished, and he is also at risk for parasitic infections.

Oh, and we don't take him to the vet enough for "just because visits." I suppose this is due to the fact that he's in every month or two for illness-related visits, but His Holiness Purina has declared that insufficient!

When will the propaganda and scare tactics end?

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