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02 January 2005


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What clarified this issue for me was realizing how ridiculous it would be to expect to feed ourselves a "complete and balanced" pelleted product. "Kid Chow"? People would laugh at the very idea. If you believe that fresh, whole (and by that I mean unprocessed) foods are better for your own nutrition, how can you believe any different for the animals in your life?


I also took issue with this article. Since I'm fairly new at raw feeding (9 months), I don't have quite the background to write such an indepth response but you summed things up very nicely. At one point she said she would like to ask if these (raw-feeding) pet owners have a university degree in nutrition, well I do, although in human nutrition. As Gina stated, the idea that humans could receive "complete and balanced" nutrition in a pelleted product is ridiculous. Well, basically there is such a thing, nutrition via tube feeding or via IV. Yes, these modes of feeding do keep humans alive, however, with all the technology available they still can't duplicate a diet made up of real food. I don't know why the same wouldn't be true for animals too.

Stacy Andelin

I've been doing my raw feeding research, and have started both dogs on a raw food diet for the last little while. It's refreshing to come upon your website, because as of this morning, I was convinced that I was killing my dogs on this diet, when all I really want to do is make them healthy. I can't even say healthy again, because the chronic ear and anal gland infections, and all the vet visits for these ailments, leads me to believe they were never really very healthy in the first place. I can now take this information with a grain of salt, so to speak. Thanks for giving me my balls back. Figuratively, that is.

craig pepoon

This is an awesome source for a seeker such as me! Thanks for the point/counterpoint perspective. My own 'common sense' (isn't that a fox news term?) puts me on the side of the raw/natural, but i'm digging digging digging!


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