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10 January 2015


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Love this. Look forward to reading you in 2015.


Just wanted to tell you how much I appreciated your post on rescue group surviving without adoption fees.

I've worked for nonprofits my entire life. And it is just as challenging to get nonprofits to open their eyes to a new way of thinking as it is for profit companies. Only the rescues don't have reserves to fall back on.

Perhaps the key would be some major outreach program that would encourage development and marketing professionals to volunteer with rescues. It could be a game changer.


When should I be over? I have always enjoyed your honest, no-nonsense style and your great writing. If it requires hostage-taking, so be it.

I agree with you on SEO and product reviews and the rest. I am not the world's greatest writer, certainly nowhere close to you, but I do enjoy it and I hope that writing will make me a better writer.

Kind of impressed you participated this year. Now I am off to read your favorite post. It is a great question. Can they survive without the fees?


Come to your house and hold you hostage until you blog? Be careful what you ask for ... I live in an RV after all. I can make that happen! LOL ;-)

Seriously though, thanks so much for joining the Challenge. It was great to see your answers to the questions, and I wish you a prolific 2015!

one person's view

It's heartening to hear someone say "Forget SEO." I learned to write before the Internet, when style and content were all a writer had, and I'm too old to change.

Have a great year in 2015!

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