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07 November 2014


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Saving Pets

If only tiny numbers of cats are being reclaimed (really the only valid reason that could justify reducing or eliminating hold periods), then perhaps it's time to admit 'shelters', as a way of helping cats, are a redundant, failed model.

Shut them down. Rebuild. With a new model which puts money into programs which actually do help owners, owned cats and their unowned ilk.


Thank you, thank you, thank you for your very good thoughts on this policy. MHS is not known for being terribly progressive with a high kill rate, while claiming they save 100% of "adoptable" (their definition) animals. As a cat lover (love dogs, too) it breaks my heart to know that they, more than dogs, are likely not to make it out of many killing places alive. So, I hope that the "right" people are reading this and will think long and hard about how they shelter cats.


Get this passed and we can PREVENT CATS FROM ENTERING "shelters" TO BEGIN WITH.

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