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23 August 2012


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H. Houlahan

IME, there are large animal shelters (as well as other kinds of nominal charities) for which the "cause" serves as the hook to self-perpetuate the well-developed bureaucracy. The purpose of the organization is to keep its principals lucratively employed, provide patronage opportunities for the board members, and exist for its own sake. Their PR is all aimed to maximize fundraising and supporting false legitimacy.

This is not limited to the big, established, corporatized "traditional" shelters, though I know the ones of which you speak. There are nominal "no kill" shelters that have such an atrocious ratio of dollars in to animals sheltered and adopted that one has to wonder whether every employee isn't in on the grift.


I agree 100 percent. That's why I just roll my eyes when people say things like, "Everyone wants the same thing." No, we don't all want the same thing.

Of course, top-heavy, fundraising-driven non-profits are not at all limited to animal welfare. And they're good at PR, too. ;)

Cindy Contreras

I really like how you emphasized that making a change on how a shelter functions is what needs to be done in order to become a no-kill shelter. I know that the shelter in my community is not a no-kill shelter and they also do a bad job for caring for animals. But how do i found out about their PR and where they get donations from?

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