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15 December 2011


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This calls for cake!

Tina Clark

And now our job is to make that 71 percent understand what No Kill really means. I've spoken to so many people who say they don't believe it's right to kill animals in shelters, but then in the next breath talk about overpopulation and the irresponsible public. But at least this shows we have a receptive audience.


Tina, I'm not following you... it sounds like the 71 percent knows EXACTLY what it means: Not killing dogs and cats unless they're too sick to be saved or too dangerous to be adopted. Even if they still "believe in" overpopulation or "the irresponsible public," that doesn't change it, does it?


Yea, Christie!! I am reposting this on Fresno's No Kill page. I hope you are following the progress we are making. Here's a link to an editorial from one of our Council Members that was just published in our local paper. The Council is pushing for open meetings at our shelter.

Diane Hatfield

Here in Columbus,Ga. we have a high kill Animal Control. They are now using too sick and too aggressive as an excuse to kill !!! In April 155 dogs were killed and 197 cats !!! We have a Happy Homes group and a No Kill Columbus group trying to get them to follow the No Kill Equation....wish us luck and balls !!!

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