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23 February 2011


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Love that face. Today I went to the AZ Scottish Highland games and got my hound fix. There were a couple of families with Irish Wolfhounds and one family brought all 4 of their deerhounds. Would that be a herd? They were so adorable and stood there regally, being stroked and petted by admiring fans. The problem is that now, several hours later, the fix is wearing off :-(

Jane Alexander

Then there are those dogs who insist that the household arise with the sun. On those days when I want to get up just a little bit later than that I wish I had a dog with Rawley's sensibilities. I hasten to add that I wouldn't trade mine for the world!


I'll trade you for two cats who believe the very best time to get up is twenty-six minutes before sunrise. Daily.

Laura Thompson

That first photo ought to be a poster for all the night owls -- or night Rawls -- of the world.

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