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23 June 2010


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Liz Palika

Hmmm...wonder if Wal Mart has taken off the shelves? May amble up there tomorrow.

Deb Moulton

I am with Christie. I make it a habit to avoid WallyWorld at all costs!Except when it comes to cotton underwear and socks. Then I have no choice unless I want to drive miles or pay shipping from a site on Teh Webs. I knoe. TMI.

Seriously, I have never heard of this brand. Is this another attempt by the FDA to garner good press? After Christie's posting of their video regarding their take and subsequent propaganda on the Menu Foods debacle, it wouldn't surprise me if the whole thing was bogus. Like their video.

Christie Keith

I have never been in a Walmart...


sending this out to all of my friends...




Dingo dog treats have a long history of salmonella contamination. A few distributors in my area picked it up for a while, but dropped it when they realized that rawhide products are a dime dozen, and there was nothing to be gained by carrying a company that had prior health and safety issues.

Our distributor also issued a recall of these products in early 2009, although quietly, simply stating that there were concerns although "no pets were reported ill". Luckily we had banned Dingo years earlier.

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