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24 April 2008


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About a year ago, I made a "Political Science" mix for a peace-activist friend:

Tom Lehrer: /Send the Marines/
"When someone makes a move of which we don't approve, who is it that always intervenes."

Gil Scott-Heron: /B-Movie/
"since John Wayne was no longer available, we settled..."

Curtis Mayfield: /Pusherman/
'nuff said

Ice-T: /The Hunted Child/

Nina Simone: /Mississippi Godda.../
"the name of the song is Mississippi Godda... and I mean every word"

Tracy Chapman: /Talkin' 'Bout a Revolution/
'nuff said

Crosby, Stills, & Nash: /Ohio/
(lest we forget that the National Guard killed 4 students standing perfectly still at OSU)

Paul Simon: /Pigs, Sheep, and Wolves/
about a wolf framed by a pig for a sheep's death

Tom Waits: /Cold, Cold Ground/
"don't worry about the army in the cold, cold ground"

Chumbawamba: /Tony Blair/
"...I should have seen it in your eyes...that you're just like other guys"
(a 50s spurned love song to the Labour PM who brought Britain back to Iraq)

Pete Seeger: /The Bells of Rhymney/
the folk singer's folk singer in a classic labor lament

Chumbawamba: /The Bad Squire/
" made them a poacher ...when you give not the work or the meat..."
Chumbawamba's take on the 18th century sounds awfully current

Bob Dylan: /The Times They are a-Changin'/
"please get out ...if you can't lend a hand"

Randy Newman: /Political Science/
"No one likes us, I don't why. ...all around, even our own friends put us down. Let's drop the big one and see what happens."

Ry Cooder: /The Very Thing That Makes You Rich (Makes Me Poor)/
I also considered Cooder's version of "How Can a Poor Man Stand Such Times and Live"

Gil Scott-Heron: /The Revolution Will Not Be Televised/
Well, he was almost right...

Ozomatli: /Coming War/
Rap meets salsa meets DJ mixes in a rock band.

John Lee Hooker: /Birmingham Blues/
"I don't know why...Birmingham"

Tom Lehrer: /So Long Mom/
"...but while you swelter down there in your can see me...on your TV"

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