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13 February 2008


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ol cranky


Sorry to go off topic but I thought you might find this post, about how Wyeth went after Victoria Hampshire after she raised questions about ProHeart 6, interesting


Hey, I want to be included in the Crazy Opinionated Dog Bloggers thing too! Except you'd have to stretch it to call me a dog blogger anymore, as the dog keeps reminding me. She goes around posing all the time, in vain, as I just keep on posting more political stuff about Obama instead of pretty pictures of her.

Oh well. Life will return to normal, once we take over the world and my dog is restored to her rightful place on my blog.


We are a powerful political movement and growing!

Cranky Opinionated Dog Bloggers for Obama... I need a bumper sticker or a t-shirt.

Amanda Rawson

Thank you for standing in as the voice of the female dog. No matter how clean or well cared for their lives are, they have never had a chance to be loved by another spirit, to run in fresh air free from human expectation that they produce again and again and again. I may be on a different side of the political aisle than you (Libertarian), but my focus in this matter is squarely on the dogs.

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