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02 May 2007


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Sheesh, they certainly are masters of double-speak and not giving answers to questions.

I think maybe I'll just start eating ... hmmm, what exactly should I eat?

Let me mull over this question for a while.



For goodness sake, give the poor guys a break! They're still learning their numbers! After all, it's just in the past few days that they've learned to count beyond 17!!


OMG! You're so right, Therese!


Maybe we're not giving them enough credit - maybe they're delaying it for a reason.

Anyone have access to a White House menu? They serving chicken tonight?


They're having a lovely sausage dish with seitan, made with pork and chicken, and a side spinach salad.

For dessert, peanut butter brownies.


Oh I WISH Christie, I WISH.


Oh, it sounds absolutely divine! I'm sure they'll all have a splendid time.


Think they'll be calling on you first today Christie? ;-)

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