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21 September 2006


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Just heard this on the spaniel listserv:

>From: "Dennis Sprung"
>Subject: October 4 Meeting
>Date: Thu, 28 Sep 2006 16:29:20 -0400
>In the interest of time, I have taken the liberty of advising you via
>this e-mail that our October 4 meeting is cancelled. The reasons for
>this decision are stated in an e-mail (see below) which was just
>circulated to all Delegates and other members of our constituency.
>At the September Delegates Meeting AKC reported that we had reached an
>agreement with Petland in order to facilitate the registration of dogs
>that are already AKC registrable.
>AKC's Board of Directors and management believed that this agreement
>would have helped to further the mission of the AKC. Promoting
>responsible dog ownership to new puppy owners, implementing our care
>and conditions policies, and exposing more dog owners to AKC
>educational programs and services would have had even greater reach.
>In the past few weeks we have received many comments about this
>agreement, both positive and negative. We have listened to the concerns
>and because this issue has become so divisive, we believe it is in the
>best interest of our sport and the American Kennel Club not to go
>forward with this initiative.

>Ron Menaker, Chairman of the Board
>Dennis B. Sprung, President and CEO

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