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21 September 2006


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"As Petland associates prepare to send a puppy home with a new owner, they will highlight the value and importance of registration. "

What can that mean? There is no value or importance to registering an altered pet that doesn't participate in performance events. They don't even send you a nice pedigree unless you pay extra. And between explaining "it's important because you might want to do obedience or agility, although you could get an ILP anyway or participate in non-AKC events" or explaining "you have to register your dog if you want to be able to breed it and sell the puppies as AKC puppies" which one sounds more like something that would convince a person paying $1000 for a dog in a petshop?




Shocking, I know.

I actually think it's worse than no clothes. They had no clothes when they were engaging in willful blindness to puppy mills and collecting the money from fraudulently registered dogs while selling the idea that AKC registration meant quality.

Now they're actually going to be indirectly pushing the idea of buying a dog in a pet shop for the purpose of breeding AKC puppies.

They've gone from no clothes to Fugly. They are wearing leggings and a vest and a backwards baseball cap.
They are the Olsen Twins.

It's horrific.

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