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29 November 2005


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Lovely! Thank you.


My web screener at the office blocks the " e. coli taking photographs" link as "pornography." What are you guys up to? ;)


Good job! Tangled Bank is a bit like the New Yorker, in that you have to start reading right away so that you can be finished in time for the next edition. No time to lose! Thank you for including me.


Great job. A very nice collection of posts.


Phew! That was fantastic.

It took mutliple visits over the day (and plenty of goofing off at work) to finish this, but it was well worth my time.

Hsien Lei

Thank you for hosting this monster of a Tangled Bank issue! FYI, the Genetics and Public Health Blog has moved to Genetics and Health. I will continue contributing to Tangled Bank from there.

Michael Balter

Wow, congratulations, great stuff! But how am I supposed to get any work done with all this to read?

Michael Balter


you did great! your hesitations were ill-founded! :)

Dave Munger

Nice work! And thanks for processing our late submission so quickly!

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