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05 July 2005


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Besides ... as I told Ben when he lost a toe to cancer: That's one less toenail that has to get cut. Raven has a whole foot's worth of toenails that she doesn't have to have cut.


Our dog Chris lost his sight last year to diabetes-induced cataracts. I love to see him dream because I know that for those few moments he can see again and chase rabbits and bark at anything that moves him!


Have you ever read the book, "For Every Dog an Angel" By Christine Davis? It is a short book, about your "forever" dog and its 'Guardian Angel', and in it she describes that when the dog's legs are moving in their sleep, they are dancing with their Guardian Angel.... Just a thought, and something I always think about when I see my dogs "running in their sleep"....


Christie, I've been moved by Raven's story and grateful to you for sharing it with all of us. I'd like to talk with you about having you write about your journey with Raven for my paper, FETCH--a new paper in the North Bay. I'd love it if you would contact me. --sandy

Sharon GR

Greyhounds run in their sleep too.

My younger hound, Summer, lost her leg 12 days ago to osteosarcoma. It's been a non-stop haze of complications ever since. I notice the same thing, though; while dreaming, she's still trying to get that squirrel.

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