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13 June 2005


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Glad you're home. The traffic Raven's well-wishers were generating on my blog was starting to eat up my bandwidth.

Just kidding ... I am so happy things are looking better now. I hope Raven comes home tomorrow!

Signed ... Guest Blogger


Glad to hear that Raven is doing well ... doubly glad to hear that she is motoring around contentedly as a tripod ... and sending all kinds of positive energy to the resolution of the oxygen issues!

From all of us in Sacramento,



Glad things are starting to go better for Raven and you. Get some rest.


P.S. -- "one of those journal people?" Hmmph.


Get Some R & R....Glad to hear Raven is doing better!!


Hope you're on your way to get her now!


I'm SO happy to hear she's doing so much better today! What a rollercoaster ride you've both had. Hope she's safe at home tonight. Probably once she got past the post-op pain part she could start to heal up.

.......still sending......

Cathy, Leo the reddog angel, 6 kitties, 3 dogs


Yay!!! I'm so glad you're both home!



I've been checking in all day... so glad Raven is home now!!


Yay! Yay!


Hi Christie,

I'm so glad Raven is doing better.Keep us posted but get some sleep first!

Tunia,Argyle and Willie



We're sending our most healing thoughts to you and Raven. She sounds like quite a fighter and she has a great mom to help her adjust to this new chapter in her life.


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